Pledge to Plunge

Yesterday, after I got home from church, I watched a T.D. Jakes sermon a friend had recommended (“Spellbreaker”) to center my spirit.  Afterwards, I took a walk to center my senses.  A sensory engagement with nature reminds me how big God is.  It clears out the dark thoughts that crowd my mind and gets my perspective right.

2012 is my year.  It’s my year for major changes, for shaking off the patterns and circumstances that made 2011 so miserable.  Making major changes doesn’t come without hard work and two of the most difficult things for me — patience and trust.  The past 2+ months have been a roller coaster of excitement and discouragement, hope and despair.  I know how easy it is when the despondency takes over to drown in it.  Hence the deliberate shift in focus, the rejuvenation of spirit, mind, and body.

I’m a little rusty–been a while since I’ve written–but…


Picking up speed, swishing at the base

Sucked downwards

Call the Plumber

You’re stuck

Caught on something that refuses to be washed away

Here comes the Plumber now

Pulling up you and the last shread of hope

that kept you from slipping away


4 thoughts on “Pledge to Plunge

  1. Let’s do a quick review of 2011…
    – Your Lord has never loved you more.
    – You’re family and friends still loved you.
    – You were plugged into an awesome church.
    – You had a job.
    – It had one less day than this year.

    Soon you will look back at 2011 with thanksgiving. Just like steel in the furnace, the “fires” you went through forged a stronger character, provIding you with the wisdom and courage to make the changes you’ll make in 2012 (and beyond).

    Love ya


    1. Thank you, YOD! Agreed – although it was a hard year, there were blessings, too. Plus, I needed a year like 2011 to kick me in the butt and motivate me to make the changes I am in 2012!

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