Two Poems Diverged in a Blog



Push “play” each morning

The old record wheezes its tunes

Each day it grows more worn

Coughing its last note at twilight


Once upon a time the record

had a whole room swingin’

Syncopated notes sizzling as the disc spun

But time’s labored passing left erosion


The record skips and jogs now

A dying squall replaces its melody

A glimmer of its glory days flares

before winking out

This Little Light of Mine


A toothy grin and sparkling eyes

An escaped, mischievous fairy-princess

She’s visited before, a welcome friend

But she rarely stays long

As spontaneously as she appears she disappears

She prefers strife-free atmospheres

and will leave at the first sign of a storm

But I need her

She brings light to darkness

Transforms sharp pebbles into glittering jewels

I think I can make her stay this time,

convince her that the need for her light outweighs

her distaste for conflict

That her greatest joy will come by dispersing the gloom wherever she goes

and bringing her radiance to all she meets

A travelling paradise


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