I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

Whoops.  Had time for a lunch break today, so I’m cruising websites, tra-la-la-ing, when it dawns on me, “Oh snap, why am I not writing?”  I suppose being out of the habit for the past few weeks has pushed writing to the bottom of my mind.  That and as an extremely detail-oriented person, there were far too many other things to zero in on and scrutinize ad nauseam.  🙂

Writer’s Digest:  For today’s prompt, write a falling poem. This could be about the physical act of falling (like someone tying your shoelaces together), or it could be symbolic falling (such as falling in love).



Head over feet

Down the rabbit hole

Utter darkness racing faster

Light a pinprick at your back

No brakes on this ride

Down, down, down




Light, birds chirping

A breeze tickles your face

A meadow populated with daisies drinking sunlight

You’re strolling, see a rabbit hole

A fluffy bunny scurries down it

Vaguely familiar

But you follow

Head over feet…


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