So, Tell Me About Yourself

I am actually working on creative writing, I promise.  This blog won’t always be about what’s happening in my life.  🙂  Stay tuned for fanciful flights into imagination!

1)  Songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad

–Happy:  “Ridin’ Solo” – Jason DeRulo, “Party in the USA” – Miley Cyrus, pretty much anything!

–Sad:  “In My Place” – Coldplay, “My Stupid Mouth” – John Mayer, “Claire de Lune” – Claude Debussy, or sometimes I’ll listen to upbeat music to cheer me up.  I especially enjoy Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” for just such an occasion.

–Bored:  “In the Mood” – Glen Miller, anything in my music library I haven’t listened to in a while, like “Bittersweet Symphony” – The Verve or instrumental (drums, salsa, tango, classical, waltz).

–Hyped:  “We R Who We R” – Ke$ha, anything with an amazing beat or fun lyrics

–Mad:  “Let ’em Fight” – Ali & Gipp, “Headstrong” – Trapt

2)  Favorite superhero and why

I don’t think he really qualifies as a superhero, but I’ve always loved Gambit from X-Men (the cartoon and comics…not the movie).  He’s so saucy and cheeky.  I will still sometimes say–whilst attempting his Cajun accent–“Miss me, petite?”  🙂  And the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (also not really superheroes, but whatev) ROCK.

3)  A habit that you wish you didn’t have

Oh, several, but if I can only pick one, I’d like to stop assuming that everyone hates me or that everything is my fault.  It just causes problems for everyone!

4)  15 interesting facts about yourself

1)  I’m ambidextrous.  When it comes to sports, I’m left-handed and I also open things left-handed.  I write with my right hand, but can draw with both.

2)  I can’t whistle or blow bubblegum bubbles.

3)  Driving on residential streets scares me.

4)  People get into arguments over the color of my eyes.  For the record, they are blue/green:  dark blue/grey around the outside, light green in the middle, and yellow-green at the pupil. 

5)  I collect quotations.

6)  I have a fascination with names, and would check out baby name books from the library when I was in junior high, just so I could read them.  I raised more than one librarian’s eyebrows.  🙂

7)  I love to be cold.

8)  I get claustrophobic if I can’t get out of a garment.  If I can’t get a jacket I’m wearing unzipped, for example, I have to calm myself down because I’ll start hyperventilating.

9)  I love to be on the water.

10)  I play a game when I’m out and about.  If music is playing (grocery store, restaurant, etc), I will try to guess the song within the first few chords/measures.

11)  My siblings and I all have a small freckle right next to one of our eyes.

12)  When I was little and playing by myself, I would not speak for my Barbies out loud.  The dialogue between them happened completely in my head.  That must have been really interesting to watch…

13)  I’ve apparently loved cars ever since I was little.  Matchbox cars were always a treat!  I especially remember a shiny red convertible with doors that opened.  I would drive my Polly Pockets around in it.  🙂

14)  When I was little I told my mom that she hurt my feelings.  I then asked, “Mom, where are my feelings?”

15)  Apart from dancing, I’m pretty klutzy and injure myself frequently.  I also bruise really easily, so I’m frequently black-and-blue.  I literally cheer, then, whenever my legs are bruise-free!  One time, though, I cheered over injury-free legs and then walked right into the bath tub.  Instant bruise!  🙂

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