Hey, Good Looking…

After what seems ages (yes, it’s a hyperbole…roll with me), I am returning this week to fictional writing.  The hinges are a little rusty; my prose is creaking.

Meh.  I do not find this concerning in the least.  It’s to be expected after a creative hiatus.  I need to remind myself of that for other things in life, like when I attempted to revisit hula hooping after many years had passed and with a much smaller hoop.  I was quite confident I could immediately whip tricks like I did in elementary school.  That didn’t go over so well.  The hula hoop now likes my ankles better than my waist.

But I digress.  I started a new process last year of writing at least a little every day.  That included entering more contests and posting on this humble blog.  All was going swimmingly up until the holiday season, when the process blinked in and out before extinguishing all together.

Other, more pressing matters pushed to the front of the line; whole areas of my life were shaking and shifting like the earth’s plates during a quake.  My brain power was being funneled into a new venture, so with the pang of separation, I shelved writing for a spell.

But now I’m back, tentatively.  I say “tentatively” only because I am on the cusp of a frenzy of activity which may once again shelve writing.  I want very much to continue writing, to keep the creative juices flowing, but I know that soon they may be stopped up to allow for other pursuits.

Yet, “soon” is not “now,” and “now” I can definitely write!  Hopefully I will be posting a short story soon, but even if a finished, polished story is not birthed, I am content to simply be exploring the world again via creative writing.

The poetry will continue, and I will leave you with the following:

This week’s prompt is to write a “one of these days” poem:

What’s Cooking?


Stories left undone

Novel plots partially cooked, congealing on the stove

Half-baked dreams turning stale

Characters losing their flavor, clumping together,

a bland mess

One of these days

I’ll head back to the kitchen

Turn on the faucet, heat the oven

Break up the clods, smooth out the gelatinous glob

I’ll place a new pot on the stove top

Stir in fresh ingredients

Spicy actions

Complex herbs for character

A healthy dose of protein for plot

They’ll simmer together, flavors and components marrying

The perfect concoction

One of these days


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