Don’t Stop Believing

I think the mind likes circles.  Thoughts spin in cycles, positive thoughts twist and turn into the ugly, and a wandering mind can spiral downwards if left unchecked.

Such was my condition this morning.  I had begun the day by posting a verse on Facebook about how being who God made us to be is enough.  But then, as I was walking home from the library just a few hours later, my mind dove into the deep end of dejection and discouragement over my composition.  The trigger was a familiar one:  appearance.

Saturday morning errands pre-showering means no make-up.  Most of the time I’m relatively comfortable with this, as I will see few people and I’ve come to care less about what strangers think of me.  This morning was different.  January was quite the month, although I didn’t know it.  That’s another way our minds tricks us–I thought my stress level was fine, that I was daily trusting God for all of my needs.  I believe, though, that God designed us with built-in “alerts” that kick in when our minds are in denial.  Just like Shakira’s hips, my body doesn’t lie, and the effects of a month of stress are written all over it.  One of the main places stress attacks is my skin, and January did a number on it.  The result was that I was not at all comfortable with showing my bare face to the world.

So I found myself bummed over my current physical condition and avoiding anyone I came across, and from there it was only a single twirl into lamenting all the personality traits that make me a difficult or unloveable person.  Praise God, though, for His swift interference.  By the time I reached home, fully immersed in self-deprecation, He was already starting to remind me of His own words which say that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I encouraged myself by saying, “He does not make junk,” and that, like so many other trials, “This too shall pass.”

It comes back to belief and trust.  Do I trust in my own limited thoughts, experiences, and circumstances or do I believe the words of One who knows the beginning from the end and knows me better than I know myself?

A perfect segue into this week’s poetry prompt, which is to write a poem based on beliefs.

Clap if you believe

Take a leap of faith

Belief spurs action

I trust the chair will hold my weight, so I sit down on it

Actions speak louder than words

It’s not what you say, it’s what you do

Action reveals beliefs

I put all my money in the bank, an indicator that I trust the institution

But how little we analyze

Our own beliefs

And one day perhaps we find ourselves

On a very different road than we intended


That’s not all she wrote

Long-held beliefs leave grooves

But grooves can be filled, new ones formed

Believing is a choice

A verb

What will you believe?

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