It’s Snowing Words

So.  I have been writing, and reading about writing, and thinking about writing.  Pretty productive as far as writing goes.  I’m trying a few new things to help keep the writing a constant in my life:  1)  Whenever possible, I write during my lunch break.  Despite all the people around, I find this to be the most productive writing time.  2)  Also whenever possible (preferably every night), I read/work through two writing books:  one on how to write query letters (the key to selling work and/or obtaining an agent) and one that is everything a person would learn if they were pursuing a MFA in writing. 

So last week was the unofficial kick-off.  Em.  Last week also happened to be really weird.  Not in a bad way…more like if The Twilight Zone was tempered by Leave it to Beaver.  So!  What that meant was that I wasn’t as faithful with my writing goals.  I did a little.  I wrote one blog post as well as started on another story. 

I then declared Thursday night writing night.  I was doing pretty well, I thought, until I looked back over a writing assignment I just completed from the MFA book and realized that it was chock full of grammar mistakes and I had completely missed the point of the assignment.  Oops.  I called it quits.  Hit the showers, kid, we’ll get ’em next time.

And I’m writing now.  I don’t know what about, but I’m writing.  It’s a start.  I suppose I could be working on the story I started last week, and I imagine I’ll get to it soon enough.  I’m content to just meander my way through this post, tapping letter keys that turn into words which turn into sentences.

It’s another odd week.  We are in the midst of our first snow of the season which means it’s the water cooler topic du jour.  Of course, the talk is centered around the evening commutes.  My thoughts are along the same line.  When I hear “snow” now, I immediately think, How will this affect what I need to accomplish? 

How different from what kids think!  At church yesterday, I was sitting in the lobby with a small group.  Snowflakes were spinning in the air outside the window.  Any thoughts I had regarding the white flakes were about driving in them:  Please don’t stick, please don’t stick, please don’t stick.  And then a kid walking by caught sight of the snow.  He was so excited, calling “It’s snowing!  It’s snowing!” and asking if he could go outside to play in it.  He was caught up in the awe, not the inconvenience.

I remember thinking, Dear God, please help me not to ever lose that awe and delight.  Some things aren’t in our control.  How are we going to respond when they’re not?  Do we get upset or do we find a way to enjoy what’s in front of us?  A movie I watched over the weekend, Elizabethtown, had a thought-provoking line:  “Sadness is easier because it’s surrender.”  Hm. 

But I digress.  Despite this week starting off strangely, I am joyful and content.  My head feels clearer and there’s a restful confidence in knowing that God knows my next step, even if I do not.  And I’m kind of looking forward to walking home in the snow tonight.  🙂

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