Will You Be My Friend?

A true friend is delighted to see you even when you were cranky with them the day before. 

When you lay out all the possible options you have for your next career move, a loving friend  immediately eliminates “move to east coast” and repeatedly interrupts you with “not an option” even as you’re trying to explain that that option was last on your list.

They hum along with you when you have a song stuck in your head.

They actually like your brand of crazy and mimic it back at you.

They know you better than you know yourself.

You feel safe in their presence–safe to be angry, joyful, sorrowful, or zany.

I am reclusive by nature, but every time I’m with my friends — my true friends, the few who make it through my barriers — I think how blessed I am.  What a great defense, too, against the lies that come at me:  “You’re too messed up to be loved” or “You have the wrong personality to be around people.”  Not so.  These amazing people love me ferociously, and I love them fiercely in return. 

These are intimate relationships where anything and everything is shared, from embarrassing stories to deepest longings.  One of my dear friends said that intimacy is not sharing one’s miseries — that only creates false intimacy.  True intimacy comes from sharing one’s dreams.  Dreams are immensely personal, precious, and thereby vulnerable.  I know who my closest friends are by asking myself, “With whom do I trust my dreams?”  I know, too, that these same people are the ones I can count on when miseries arise.

How loving is our God to not only give us relationship with Him but to also design us for friendship with each other!

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