The writing challenge du jour is to create a poem inspired by a souvenir.

A jungle ninja


as his brush coloring makes him little suited

for more sinister locales

His transparency shows he is all business

no heart

Just a mass able to camouflage

He becomes his surroundings

He breathes with the wind

The branches sway and he leaps

Pounces on his prey and is gone

Not even a void left in his wake

The jungle covers him

Beckons him

Devours him

One of us

Humans are not welcome

No heartbeats to disrupt the harmonies

Of nature.  He is

One of us 

Their soldier, and if you enter this place

He will pounce

The jungle will cover you

Devour you

Your death is their life, their sustenance

You’ll simply disappear


Blend in like

 the ninja.




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