The Secret Life of Bzzz

Sometimes this blank screen and its blinking cursor are terrifying, and other times they are exhilarating, tantalizing with their swollen potential.

And today?  Today I wasn’t planning on writing.  I won’t be able to take lunch breaks for a while–a natural time to type away–so I wasn’t able to write earlier in the day, and tonight I only wanted to snuggle up with my book.  The book is now finished, though.  My next move?  Why not write…

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd is the book I just finished.  It was absolutely fantastic, beautifully written, and difficult to put down.  I found myself yesterday delaying making dinner–I wasn’t that hungry yet–to finish a chapter.  Sometimes I would read a sentence that resonated so much with me that I would go back and mouth the words over, hearing them drop from my lips and soak deep into my core.  I would go to bed with the words still swimming through my thoughts and even escaping in a drowsy whisper.

It isn’t only Kidd’s beautiful words and imagery that left such a mark.  Yes, I have on numerous occasions drifted off to sleep murmuring the words of Shakespeare (“Macbeth doth murder sleep, the innocent sleep, sleep that knits up the raveled sleeve of care”) because of their beauty.  But with Bees, I chanted the words to myself because they were the very words I’ve been searching for to describe feelings and moments in my life.  “Suspended animation” in particular left an indelible stroke.  Yes, exactly, I thought.  I know precisely what that means, what that feels like.  And the old adage about identifying a problem being half the battle came true:  like being dunked in an ice bath, reading those words snapped me out of my coma.  I no longer want “suspended animation” to describe my life.  I want my days to hum with life, just like the bee hives in this book.

There you have it, a bona fide book review.  There are definitely fun moments in this book, too, lest you think it’s comprised solely of doleful poetry.  I especially like the name of one of the characters–Sugar-Girl.  Thank you, Kidd.  Should I ever have a daughter, I now have her name all figured out!  🙂

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