“How Was Your Day?”

Holy Toledo, Batman, this is an odd day.  And glorious in the sense that despite my ho-hum, borderline down-in-the-dumps mood, I am still able to say with ferocity, “I refuse to let this get to me.  I know God is good and has good things for my life!”  I just may not be feeling it right  now.  🙂

My day started out innocently enough.  I was awake a bit before my alarm–per usual–but was content in my cozy, half-awake state.  I wasn’t thrilled that it was Wednesday and I had to get up, but I wasn’t exactly crying over it either.  But then I got on the bus and I must have looked like the saddest person in the world.  So.  Tired.  And that was the start.  The rest of the day has been a soup of disappointment, dejection, and even apathy.

I’m comforted, though, because this is just an off day.  Sure, some of the things pushing down the corners of my mouth go beyond today, but I am quickly deflecting their attempts to depress me.  I can’t always control circumstances; I can, however, control how I react and think about them, right?  I still need help in that area, but it’s getting better.

No, today is a run-of-the-mill, not-so-great, I’ll-be-glad-when-it’s-over day.  Perfect fodder for a poem…or bad country song.  🙂

Today’s poetry prompt (via Poetry Asides) is quite apt:  write an “other side of the fence” poem in which you empathize with the other person/animal/etc in a situation.

From the Desk of Today

I tried my best,

honest I did

She still got rid

of me fast as she could

Wished I was gone

Thought me too long

Said my personality was harsh

How could I know

it’s apropos

to sweep under the rug

any sad thing

Nothing can sting

her on my watch. Don’t rock the boat

or change her life

She can’t stand strife

But that’s just what I did, so

she called me “bad”

I’d made her mad

Does she know how that hurts?

I’ve had enough

She’s much too rough

Tonight — it’s your turn.  Good luck, Chuck.


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