Mr. Sandman, please hold

After the evening’s chores were complete I grabbed my beloved Bumble, snuggled my tired but content head into his fur, and watched a circa 1987 Robert Downey Jr movie.  An excellent end to a Tuesday.  And yet, even after the completion of requisite bedtime preparations, I still find myself with a little bit of time before snoozing.  What to do?

I naturally thought of writing as I try to do so daily, but quickly vetoed the thought.  My words, syntax, thoughts have been garbled lately – anything I write would be gibberish.  (No, the irony of now writing this post after the veto has not escaped me.  🙂 ) Plus, I’m back to work after a week’s vacation and settling into work’s rhythm takes energy.  While this re-immersion into my job has been quite painless thanks to a phenomenal revelation/word/breakthrough late Sunday night, I have still given myself permission this week to not write if I so choose.  So, I ask again, what to do?

Write about not writing of course!  Genius!  🙂  Reverse psychology:  tell yourself you don’t have to do something and you will find you want to do it.   I’m also quite overjoyed at some healing that is taking place in my life and what it means for my future!  Joy is hard to contain, so you’re getting a dose of it via my writing.  🙂


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