Here is my take on the monotetra, a poem form with the following criteria:

—  Quatrains (4 lines per stanza) in tetrameter (4 metrical feet, 8 syllables per line)

—  All four lines in each stanza rhyme with the same sound (i.e, “flee,” “me,” “tea,” “glee.”

—  The 4th line of each stanza repeats the same 4 syllables (i.e., “You can’t escape,” “You can’t escape.”)


Going Home

Softly I climb into my bed

Voices quieting  in my head 

Sleep makes me think of being dead

But there’s no dread, but there’s no dread.


How could there be?  I know that day

When my last breath will slip away

Words it will carry, no delay

“I’m on my way,” “I’m on my way.”


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