I started a short list of things that really irk me, things that people probably should know about me, and then I thought, Hm…wouldn’t it be more fun to list things that I love?  So.  That is what will follow.  I do still think that it’s good to know that I, for instance, lament the absence of cell phone etiquette.  Dear friends who are glued to your phones:  you are pissing me off.  There have been a number of occasions when I’ve wanted to swipe your phone from your hand and tell you you’ll get it back when you stop being a jerk.  If we’re having a conversation and you’re playing around with your phone simultaneously, well….three’s a crowd.  I wish you and your phone the best — I’m out of here.

But I digress.

I love…

1)  Being winked at.  A good conspiring wink can make my day.  Seriously.  It’s happened before.  😉

2)  Someone texting me just because they wanted to say “Hey.”

3)  When people I pass on the street smile back.

4)  Having the volume and bass boost turned up in my car (I loooooove my hip-hop!) and watching people do a double-take when they see that yes, that wave of sound is coming from me.

5)  People who are not only funny but find other people’s humor funny as well.

6)  Cold wind and taking walks in it.

7)  Chatting up cashiers at grocery stores.

8)  Discussing literature and films…stories in general.

9)  Water.  Sometimes I look out at the ocean and long to be out on it!

10)  Daydreaming and creating new worlds.

11)  Words.  They’re my love language.  I won’t remember what you do, but I’ll remember what you say.

12)  People taking part in my insanity and/or singing along with me when I have a song stuck in my head.

13)  Speed.  I even walk fast!

14)  Originality.  If I happen to like something that everyone else likes, fine, but I hate to like or do something just because it’s popular!

15)  Reading what people say in lists like these.  Make your own and I’ll read it!


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