The Place Higher Than I




All below

Valleys dusted with past struggles

Seems so trivial now, the wind whipping about me

The eye of the storm within my heart

The old aches, the gashes from the climb

Have healed

Smoothed over and covered

by a flowing white gown catching in the breeze like

a parachute


You’re just to my right

Watching me watch

I drink in the glory of the place

You drink in my glory

I am quieted

Plunged into the liquid rest of your presence

My heartbeat slows, but I’ve never felt more alive


I can stay here forever you say

This peak

The valleys are far behind

I tell you that I don’t want the plateaus, either

Can this peak sustain me?

No, you say,

But I can.

I nod, give you a shy smile

But then the storm intensifies

The earth shifts beneath my feet and my focus shifts with it

I feel myself falter, tumble

Dust plumes into the air as I land

I’m covered with it

Broken and bruised

But there, in the valley, your light blazes on each particle


I’m sparkling from head to toe, the failure transformed

Come, you say,

Let me take you to a place that is higher than before.

Come and rest with me.

But I fell, I say,

I looked away.

You smile and brush the dust from my face

I’m here.

I’m taking you home.

Eyes so deep

Full of liquid rest

And love

Home, I say.

I burrow into your presence

I am now. 

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