Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

I haven’t written in a while.  I know that you are smart and this, then, is not news to you.  It has taken me by surprise, however.

Whence have the days gone when I wrote prolifically?  When after my evening chores were complete I sat down to my beloved laptop to pound out the fruits of my imagination?  Alas, they have fled.  Perhaps they’re taking a nap, perhaps they went to help Stephen King write his next bestseller, or perhaps they just ran to the grocery store to buy some Diet Coke.  Who knows and who cares?  The most important thing is that they will return.

May is “Hell Month” for us at work — our busiest seasons are colliding and that invariably means 12 hour days (yes, that did happen) and mind-draining levels of work.  Some nights I arrive home to find myself utterly spent — contentedly so, but with no hope of producing anything but zzzz’s.  Any energy that normally would have my fingers itching for a keyboard has instead irrigated my day job and is completely tapped out.

Sadly, this means that when I do sit down to once again write creatively (which I miss), it will be hesitantly.  A shy finger might reach out to touch a key or two before committing to a volley of words.  Where to begin?  Pick up on an abandoned story or pluck a new one out of the sky?  How do I even conjure up that imagination which has out of necessity been hibernating?  Hm.

At any rate, the writing shall commence again soon.  One cannot avoid one’s love for long…I hear my love’s siren song get louder every day.


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