Oh, wriiiiiiiiite

So I realized it’s been, uh,  2 1/2 weeks since I last wrote…oops.  I did actually write an entry yesterday, but decided the piece served it’s purpose by just being written —  no need to publish it here.  🙂  And I’ve begun another contest and composed a half-baked poem or two from my flurried thoughts.  I have additionally decided what pieces I want to enter into yet another contest.  I’m slipping into my editor shoes right now to get them in tip-top shape.

Lately I have felt a slight itch in the creative nook of my brain, begging to be scratched with a laptop and blank Word document.  I’m tempted.  Tempted but reluctant.  I have no desire to start yet another story only to have it collect proverbial dust.  Likewise, I blanch at the thought of having to write a holistic, tight, image-packed story.  Confidence, wherefore art thou?

The creative itch always wins in the end.  Despite my fright-induced pallor, I eagerly await the day when I will race home to put words to paper, when I cannot and will not staunch the flow of images and ideas.  Inspiration may ebb and flow, but when it flows, it gushes!  Until then, I will be cataloguing the flitting thoughts and sensations that come with day-to-day living and twilight dreaming.

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