Shoulda, woulda, coulda

I should be writing right now.  That thought has been so heavy on my mind that I just started a Word doc with “I should be writing right now, she thought, staring at her freshly painted toes.”

I’m trying.  Not much inspired and I have two writing contests coming up.  What to do?  I’m contemplating cheating a bit for one of the contests and entering a story I’ve already written, but I’m not sure if it’s good enough to warrant submission, a submission that has a fee attached.  On the other hand, could I crank out a better one in the next month?  Meh, don’t know.  It’s a bit daunting and I’d much rather read a book.  Or smirk at my own crazy thoughts that don’t quite make it to paper.

The other contest is much more difficult and much simpler simultaneously.  Such conundrums leave me with furrowed brow and a strong desire to do anything but write.  The contest requires a true short story written in first person about an experience that changed my life.  Suddenly the disc containing my life thus far has self-destructed.  I’m drawing a complete blank.  What life-changing experience have I had?  The day I discovered pazookie?  That orange chicken really is quite delicious?  That flat shoes are a fashionable God-send?  Hm.  I feel that any major life-altering events/experiences/revelations that are worth writing about are still in the works – I’m not on the other side yet, the side containing the signpost:  “And this is what I learned.”  So, having done all I can think of (precious little), I’m resorting to my favorite writing friend:  percolation.  I have a little time, so I’ll let the contest sit a little and reach its full potential.  Maybe a small happening or word will come to mind and I can write about it in a new light.  Shoot, maybe seeing pazookie as manna from heaven really did change my life somehow!

For now, dreaming.  Always dreaming.  Some dreams have stuck with me for years, have even made it to a Word doc of their own.  They are cherished friends and favorite hiding places.  Those secluded places lit by fairy tales and magic, untouched by the negative.  And sometimes they are the jumping off places for spinning worlds which allow you–the reader–to also enter in and enjoy a new place for a time.

Off to dream.  Maybe I’ll catch one or two, fill you in, take you along for the ride…


2 thoughts on “Shoulda, woulda, coulda

  1. I looking forward to the ride…so many events in our lives seem unimportant until we change the perspective from which we view them…like shooting photographs…one angle is boring the next angle is amazing…I suspect life events are the same. 🙂

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