It’ll Just Take a Minute

Have you ever gotten tired, that kind of tired that comes precisely from nothing happening?  The monotony of the same-old, same old continuing ad nauseam?  And when you think starting a new hobby or task will shake off that funk, you find yourself too tired to begin?

It’s the feeling of time sifting through a sieve and the time hasn’t enough substance attached to it to leave behind memories–at the end of the sifting, the sieve is completely empty and time has slipped down the drain.

It’s wrong thinking, of course.  I’m reminded of a poem I wrote a while back entitled, \”Blink\”.  It talks about how each minute is swollen with potential and possibility.  Life is not a series of events — I am repeatedly guilty of thinking so.  Life is compromised of moments, snapshots.  Some of my favorite photos are of friends or family members captured in a moment of candid laughter, not posed at some event. 

Perhaps nothing much will happen in my life in the next several months.  Maybe my job won’t change one iota.  Maybe I won’t attend some major event.  Maybe I won’t go anywhere new or exciting.  But I should not think that I am living my life at a lesser level because of it.  I should not be squandering the days, just waiting for something to “happen” that will make my life eventful and lively.  Nor should I start a frenzy of activity, making things happen.  I should take each moment as it comes, enjoy it, and leave it behind when it is over, content that it was a time well spent.


2 thoughts on “It’ll Just Take a Minute

  1. I have always taught my students to create an option “loaded environment”..sot that you never feel trapped in a job or anything else…that way you avoid that clock that replays every moment before proceeding to the next tick.

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