Shall We Gather by the River?

The creative juices are flowing into stories again.  They aren’t exactly gushing rivers, mind you, but I’ll take the streamlets for now.  I’m quite happy with wanting to write again, with looking forward to punching out a poem or starting a new story.

It started up again quite innocently enough.  I opened up a Word doc during lunch yesterday, thinking that I should at least try to write a little something.  I jotted down a sentence.  And then another and yet another.  Before I knew it, I was seeing the scene unfold before my mind’s eye, my fingers and vocabulary racing to describe it.  It was both fun and a relief to be back in the game.  I am always confident that I will never “lose” the writing bug/gift, but I find it quite unpleasant when I grow apathetic to the task.  Praise be to God that when I am running dry He fills me back up again!

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