I tried – I really did.  Sort of.  🙂  It is Tuesday, the perfect day to once again look at some creative works I have in process.  Just read one and feeling pretty good about it.  I even added a sentence or two.  And now I’d rather write about writing than actually work on a creative piece, haha. 

I’m still letting the random dive-bomb thoughts amuse me during this brief creative writing hiatus.  I’m calling this period “vacation” from which I will resume my work fresh and full of ideas.  It is working — whenever I am writing effortlessly with my thoughts I am in a good place!  They are like an itch than can only be scratched with paper and pen (or keyboard and screen, far preferable).  These thoughts inspire me to write and create.  Perhaps shortly you will find a poem or short story posted here for your perusal.  Maybe even a monologue…you never know.  ; )


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