Growing Pains

I from time to time think of the two words, “growing pains.”  Growth is hard, no doubt about it.  The striving, the energy, the breakthrough…growth usually means something has to give, to make room.

Sometimes the remnants of the old–of what we’ve outgrown–hold on for dear life.  They are reluctant to be tossed aside and do everything in their power to make sure you know they’re sticking around.  Those remnants hurt when they were torn and shredded to make room for the new, and they have their heart set on revenge.

I find it a bittersweet moment when I respond to a situation out of the “grown” me.  There is elation at the improvement, delight in flexing the longer and stronger muscles.  And then a twinge of pain.  The old self’s remnant whispers poison, a black vapor that swirls over my head.  It tries to distract me and make me think I am still a part of the old body, that I am it and must behave accordingly.  But it is the other way around.  The old body is but a fraction of who I am–an emaciated leech and nothing more.  A healthy salting of the Word is all it takes to remove the offense.

And that is part of growth, too:  the ability to see that what we left behind should stay behind.


2 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. Love this Ang. I almost don’t want to tell you, but the image that came to mind when I read this was of a snake shedding it’s skin… leaving the old, hollow shell behind. Ew.

    But I do love your thoughts about it–I used to think that no growth came without some sort of pain. What do you think? Seems that sometimes the things that are worth doing, and the lessons that are worth learning, are the hardest ones of all.

    Anyhoo, keep pressing forward, and leaving the “behind” in the past. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this! Loves!

  2. Haha, no, I think that’s a good image! The one I actually thought of was nastier…human ligaments tearing and building with the old tissue still hanging on…preeeeetty. 🙂

    Hm…I think growth is made more painful when we fight it. This may not be the best analogy, but have you ever tried to fight a Charlie horse? The best thing to do is relax and let the muscle throw its fit. 🙂 I think growth is much easier when we embrace it. God does not delight in our pain! I think He wants us to learn our “lessons” with as little heartache as possible.

    What this reflection was mostly about is trying to let the old co-exist with the new — that’s where the image of the old tissue hanging on came in. It’s painful to have that foreign object there, even if once upon a time it WAS part of us.

    Love you! Thanks for your comments!

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