Depression is a nasty bugger.  It robs you of the energy or drive to accomplish something, and leaves you feeling guilty for that lack.  It asks, “What’s the use?  What’s the point?”  It’s a set-up – the answer inevitably is, “There isn’t one.”  And there seems no lawyer who will stand up and shout, “Objection, leading the witness!”

            But whose fault is that?  Is it not that of the witness—the accused?  You have a right to counsel, to one who will defend you when you cannot speak for yourself.  And this counsel will also call forward witnesses who will testify on your behalf. 

            Your lawyer – He is a wise man.  He knows exactly who to call forward and when.  They swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, a truth that will set you free.  They speak the facts in the manner the lawyer instructed them to use and do not deviate from it as they are solid and certain in their testimony.

            You have this option.  It is free to you, a right as a citizen.  Do you take it or don’t you?  Without it you are left to your own efforts which only spin you deeper into condemnation.  Depression—your prosecutor—is cunning, having carefully spun his web so as to make your struggles tighten his hold.  Only one who is not caught in the web can free you, can tear through the deadly threads with ease.

            Your defender waits for you to accept His counsel.  He won’t force Himself upon you.  But when you want Him, He’s there, and He’s pulling out all the stops.


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