Blocked the Writer’s Block

Ugh.  I’ve been fearing I must utter the dreaded phrase, “writer’s block,” to describe the disinterest I’ve had in my work lately.  That and the discouragement, the fear that perhaps I’ve “lost it,” or if I ever “had it” in the first place.  My latest work has issues, issues that I don’t normally encounter.  Or that I can at least work out quite readily and easily.  Instead I stare at the stream of words, blink, frown a little for good measure, and finally sigh in exasperation.  Nothing.  I’m afraid–no, wrong word…reluctant–to even try to fix it because I have no confidence that it will be made the better for my efforts.  Perhaps it will self-destruct if I touch it, going up in smoke and my writing aspirations with it.

And then, by the providence of God, I happened upon this tweet from a Writer\’s Digest contributor about self-doubt:  How encouraging!  To be a bit disapproving of one’s own work is a healthy thing.  It signifies growth and ambition.  I can roll with that!


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