Oh, riiiiiight

On my lunch break (the dreaded momentum killer!) and reading articles on www.writersdigest.com.  The articles I read were a) simple tips for all aspects of the writing craft and b) Literary agents’ Chapter 1 pet peeves.  I found both articles to be equally inspiring, getting the creative juices flowing.

I worked some more on Lila’s story last night despite a debilitating headache.  It is getting harder now as I am intimidating myself with having to have the perfect climax and denouement.  Yet perusing the aforementioned website reminded me that I don’t have to write in chronological order — why can’t I skip ahead to that scene I’m really excited to write?  It will revitalize the story to once again have fun with it, writing the parts of the story I see right now.

In that same vein, I do not need to write a perfect 1st draft.  That would be rather batty, actually, and I’m not that far gone.  I should just write what comes and worry about balance and syntax later.  Hmph.  🙂

So I find myself rejuvenated and re-inspired, an excellent place to be.


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