To Write or Not to Write…To Write!

Hello world!  I think I am ready to once again dive into my writing projects.  I have–and still will–enjoy writing for small prompts, but I have a few larger works in the, well, works…time to get back to those.

I was going through a phase of sorts where I simply was not inspired to do anything.  A smidge annoying for someone who always wants to be doing a bazillion things.  I kept up a little bit of writing simply because I could, but my passion had cooled.

More like gone dormant.  I knew it was still there, just buried under some  excuses.  I know that it is God’s will for me to write, and He gives me the passion for it.  You can’t exactly lose a God-given ability!  So, while a tad disappointed in my failure to write a frenzy the past few weeks, I know that the gift is still there, just waiting for my attention.

And attention I shall give it.  I’m feeling the itch in my fingertips to continue on Lila’s story — I’m very curious to find out what happens next.

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