Shabby Apple Dresses

Dress design for Shabby Apple dresses

A dear friend told me about this contest, and I decided to design for it.  I was inspired both by motorcycle jackets –their asymmetrical collar and zipper details–and the figure-flattering dresses Shabby Apple dresses offers to women.

This dress features a fully functional exposed front zipper, slightly off-center to accommodate the asymmetrical collar line.  It can also be worn zipped all the way up as a mock-neck — the zipper runs up one collar and underneath the other, a la the motorcycle jacket.  An inset waist piece trimmed with exposed zipper teeth/tape completes the styling.

The fit is comprised of bust darts–to allow for fitting various body shapes–and is made in stretch cotton for maximum comfort.  The skirt is paneled to accomplish a flared “A” shape.  The sleeves are straight and end at elbow.

In keeping with the motorcycle inspiration, the dress should be offered in colors such as black or white (with silver or gold zippers), chocolate brown (gold zippers), or fire engine red (gold zippers).

Le Motorcycle


3 thoughts on “Shabby Apple Dresses

  1. Good work girly! I like it–I’d wear it! So when do you hear back from them, or do you only hear back if yours is selected?

    Head on over to my blog when you have a minute, btw… a little “gift” there for you!

  2. Hello! Aw, shucks, thanks! I believe I will only hear if my design is selected.

    And thank you for the “gift”! Both for the award and the plug for my blog!!!

  3. Hello all!
    The finalists for this design contest were announced last week (15 designs…readers will pick the winner), and alas, mine wasn’t among them. But I am not discouraged! This was purely for fun and I rather like the dress. Should I ever acquire a new sewing machine, I will likely make this dress for myself!

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