Dear John

A writing website I frequent has writing prompts to help spark creativity.  I rather liked the latest one, so I wrote it up and posted it on the website.  Here it is for your enjoyment as well.


You return home from work to find a Dear John letter on your kitchen table. Oddly enough, it’s from one of your favorite pieces of furniture. What does the letter say?

Dear Angela,


            This perhaps seems sudden, but I am afraid it has in reality been a long time coming.  Our times together at first were sweet, pleasant, but as our relationship continued, I felt myself tumble into the category of “used.”  My inner being began to collapse under the strain of the abuse; my sides grew thin and worn with the constant pressure.  My sincerest wish is that you can understand that I could not live in this condition any longer, that I had to find a place of higher serenity.   Please believe that I harbor no ill feelings toward you.  This was the hardest decision of my life.

            My greatest mission and delight in life was to support you, to lift you up off of the ground of care, to swathe you in my blanket of relaxation.  Seeing you wrapped in comfort brought me the deepest joy.  When you clasped your warm hand around mine I nearly swooned with happiness.  It seemed to me that you shared my affections as well.  You would lovingly caress my skin with a clean cloth and ensure that I had all I needed to be the best me.  You called me your favorite place to be – you would sigh contentedly when sinking into my comfort.  But then one day…one day you walked right by me, throwing a magazine in my direction with nary a look.  Your caresses turned to vigorous beatings.  At other times you would throw yourself on me and stare moodily out the window.  Little by little I lost my sheen and that little bounce in my step as I felt your affections cool.

            The last straw was when I heard you contemplate aloud to yourself my replacement.  Perhaps something a bit fancier, newer, more comfortable.  I was immediately swallowed by a wave of despair.  I could not believe that any other could love you as I have.  And I could not believe that you could leave me so readily.  It was then, in the throws of darkest misery, that I formulated my departure.

I have found a new home.  It doesn’t matter how or where.  I will be useful there and well cared-for, and you will be free to find your happiness.  After all we have been through together, I still wish that for you.


Be well.


                                     Warmest wishes,


                                                         Your Sofa

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