Let’s Go to the Movies!

I entered a rather unusual writing contest:  Write the Worst Storyline.  “Storyline” refers to the logline on the back of movie cases.  It’s a one sentence synopsis of the gist of the story, including the “hook” that makes you want to see the movie.  The contest’s objective, then, is to write the worst movie idea you can think of within the professional style of a logline.  I don’t think I would normally enter such a contest, but the prize is quite fetching — the judge is a literary agent, and he is giving away his expertise!  Review your query letter, have a little Q&A…plus, a few freebies like books and subscriptions.

Here you have it!  Not the best (or worst, rather) ever, but they made me smile.  🙂

1)  A soft-hearted but lonely Kleenex aspires to be a statuesque and ever popular candle, burning brightly for all the world to see, but his dreams go up in smoke when a treacherous candle maker with a runny nose uses and discards him.


2)  In a time when lip balm has the ability to read the thoughts of the wearer and project them to the surrounding people, government intelligence agents are dispatched to silence one woman who could end it all with her invention, a Thought Concealing Aluminum Stiletto, before the nation begins to don their leftovers as footwear.

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