I’ve Got Rhythm

So, whilst combatting laptop issues (poor, dying piece of machinery), I decided to jot down a rhyming poem, as it’s been a long time since I last wrote one.  Here you have it!



Upon my upturned palm

Your presence brings a sense of calm

Softly do you caress my skin

Though some would call you mortal sin


A lie

Surely in your texture

Lies the answer to that lecture

Wax on your crinkled surface slides

All moral conscience from their eyes


A fight

From those yet unfallen

Against evil stand they solemn

‘Til of our treasures did we show

How great the power riches hold


A night

So dark upon us fall

Ferocious wind roared ’round us all

The prize in our trembling hands shook

With glee one gust the treasure took


A right

Be birthed of grievous wrong!

Grasped by its power, dragged along

Dazzling our eyes all we could see

Painted our world with gray, with green


A tight

Fist man no longer be

Shake loose the craving gnawing thee

For naught of riches can we take

When ‘last in heaven do we wake.


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