She’s Back!

It’s happening again.  Praise God, it’s happening again!!!  I was a little afraid after that writing contest that I would be too intimidated–by myself, oddly enough–to keep writing.  I reminded myself that if writing really is my God-given gift/purpose, I couldn’t exactly lose it.  🙂

Yet, it did take a brief hiatus.  I was also focusing on patterning in my spare time for a special project, and with yours truly the perfectionist, it took all of my spare time.  I wrote a brief piece here and there–worked on outlining the remainder of my longish short story–but otherwise my keyboard keys were quiet. 

The patterning project has been both completed and side-lined, and I am re-focusing my efforts on research (my very hoity term for voraciously reading whatever I want) and writing.  My lunch break yesterday was comprised mostly of writing some more of Lila’s story.  I’ve also begun a draft for a new contest story.  But most importantly–and most delightfully–my mind is writing.  My vocabulary, buried under other thoughts and concerns, has returned to the forefront of my brain effortlessly.  I’m turning phrases–again, without really thinking about it–regarding my surroundings, situations, events, and thoughts.  The people on my bus each morning are unsuspecting fodder to my imagination and story-play.  These are the moments I love best.  I probably look a bit batty with a half-smile permanently on my face, but it’s worth it for the internal banter and story creation taking place.

Phew.  Such a relief!  I was despairing that perhaps I had lost my one real passion in life.  Thank God it isn’t so!

5 thoughts on “She’s Back!

  1. I’m just enjoying picturing you looking a bit batty with a smallish silly grin on your face as your brain creates at lightspeed. 🙂

  2. ps–I just picked up “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” by Annie Dillard, a book which I am almost positive was recommended to me in a creative writing class I took at SPU. Anyhoo, if you have not read any Dillard–you SHOULD. (That’s an imperative, you know!) I am loving her writing style… it’s very distinctive.

  3. In response to Comment #1: pretty amusing, eh? ; ) I think anyone who would find that look of near insanity endearing is a keeper!

    In response to Comment #2: Excellent! I think my mom actually told me to check out one of her books…I have it written on a post-it note at home. Can’t remember what the title is…at any rate, I’ve just requested “Pilgrim” from my local library. I shall look forward to reading it. Even if you are forcing me to. 🙂 Furthermore, you took a creative writing class?!? Wow! Do tell!

    1. Yeppers, at good ol’ SPU. I don’t know if I have any of the assignments still on my computer, but I probably do… I will have to look when I am home at the prompts and pass them on to you if any are good. It was very challenging class. Although I think I am a decent writer, I don’t have the drive to write…especially when it comes to fiction. So I have never considered myself a writer for that reason. But you, my dear, are different!

      Maybe you could audit a class or two? Or at least in MN there are plenty of community ed classes about writing, getting published, etc.

      Before I left for Benin I went with a friend to a combined art-poetry night which was amazing… artists had painted/sculpted/drawn etc. an art piece to go along with a poem. Then both pieces were presented together, with the poet reading their poem and then the artist explaining their art piece. Anyway, since you live in chic Seattle, *surely* there are fun things like that available to you as well. Start looking!! 🙂

  4. Oh, wow, cool! Yeah, I would love those prompts if you still have them!

    I have thought about taking a class. I vacillating between a) The class could build upon my skills/techniques and inspire all sorts of fascinating ideas and b) It will effectively kill all love I have for writing. Fortunately, I am not in the financial spot to afford a class, and am thereby free from making the difficult decision. 🙂

    Hm, such cultural events sound intriguing. My manager did suggest I have a reading…haha, I don’t think so! Maybe if someone else read my work on my behalf…

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