Stream of Consciousness

Thought.  Even the concept of thought is mind-boggling, though that is nonsensical.  What I mean to say is that it is such an incredible gift.  While your body goes here and there and does this and that, I’d say a vast amount of life is lived in the mind.  What and who do you think about?  What is your perspective on life, your opinions on the world, your way of puzzling through day-to-day living?

I love to think.  It’s one of my favorite hobbies and most of my story or writing ideas come from letting thought do its thing.  Although sometimes letting it do its thing means letting it run wild and just out of reach…

Thinking about capturing thought causes me to freeze up, much like thinking to myself, Don’t be nervous instantly causes me to tremble with anxiety.  I like to bait writing ideas.  Just let them come and think they can go just as easily, but jot the phrase/idea down just before they slip into the swirling gray of hundreds of other thoughts.  The approach is terribly fun, and I now know what Stephen King means when he says it’s like “cheating” to tell his stories.  They just come to you, float by lazily, and you simply narrate what they tell you.

You’ll have to excuse that my recent entries are consumed almost entirely by the theme of writing.  I suppose that’s how you determine your passions, right?  What takes up your time?  What is on the hard drive of your mind?

I’ve decided recently (meaning about 10 minutes ago), that while I may not yet call myself a writer to the public–publication is usually the prerequisite there–I will call myself a writer to myself.  I will think of myself in that career and with that purpose.  I am feeling more and more that God designed me to write.  That’s enough of a prerequisite for me!


2 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness

  1. Good! Claim the title of “writer” as your own. Let it tumble around inside you until it finally settles down peacefully and becomes an inseperable part of you.

    I am so glad you are willing to finally be who God created you to be!

    (Should that be “whom” instead? I can’t remember the rules about direct and indirect objects. Do correct me if necessary.)

  2. Thank you!!! Your words are a great encouragement to me. I’m still afraid–gee, when am I not? 🙂 –to really call myself a writer since it seems arrogant and, well, confident. I like to avoid confidence like the plague, prefering to tremble like a leaf instead. 🙂

    (Um, I think you have it right. That one always causes me to pause, too!)

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