A Writer’s Work

My writing prompt the other day was to write out I feel about the various stages of writing (research, drafts, editing, polishing, etc).  Hm.  I know for certain that some days the task is daunting.  What if I sit down to write and nothing comes?  Or what doescome is dry, garbled, or just bad?  And yet this very fear is what makes writing exciting, as well.  I never know what I’m going to get when I apply myself to the task, what ideas or words may come, the direction the story may take.

I don’t think I could single out one stage of the process as loathsome.  I even enjoy editing because it requires use of technical writing skills.  First comes the creative almost intuitive writing and now comes the cerebral.  Since I love both creative and concrete thinking (hence my career as a technical designer), it is quite fun to switch between the two in the creation of a single piece.

Sometimes starting is the hardest, but mostly it’s the middle section that gets me.  If ever a story dies, that’s where it happens.  It’s easy to run out steam or to simply freeze in fear of “ruining” the piece.  With my latest work (“Every Story Has A Beginning”), I think the reason it is still thriving is because I let myself roll with it.  I will work on other projects, and then come back to it.  I’m also only learning what happens in the story one step before you, the reader.  It is literally unfolding beneath my fingertips with little forethought.  I don’t know if I’ve ever written this way, and I find it immensely refreshing!

Yet, if I had to pick the hardest aspect of writing, it would be submitting/publishing my work where anyone can read it.  While I do keep my audience in mind during writing, it is still a largely personal activity.  It’s as if I’m chiseling off a piece of my brain–my perspective on life and even my personality–and presenting it for your acceptance, rejection, criticism.  That’s a little scary!

And yet…I can’t not write.  Even on the days when I’m afraid to touch the keyboard, I feel the tug.


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