Write Your Heart Out

I have been inspired lately by the people who surround me to really go after my dreams.  I admit I was a little ashamed that it took some prompting, seeing how I have the reputation of being an over-achiever.  But that is simply pride:  I was scared.  I am painfully afraid of making mistakes — I do so hate them.  I haven’t really pursued some of my greatest dreams because I don’t know how I will take it if I fail in the process.  Clearly this is a heart issue, and I am so very grateful to God that He and I are working on it.

So.  I am embarking on the path.  I proceed with prayer, because any journey taken without the approval first from God will not have the potential to fail, it will.  I am prayerfully devoting time to writing, and prayerfully asking God if I have any business pursuing fashion outside of my current job role.  The writing path is much clearer at the moment, so I am focusing there while keeping an ear out for God’s direction in fashion.

I have found a writing contest, and I am going to enter.  The entry is due July 10th, so now’s the time to get crackin’!  It is a very short contest–750 words or less–and just the thing to get me going.  I am trying to keep my excitement tagged as “really getting this writing thing going” vs. “Ohmygoodness, what if I win???”.  Practice makes perfect and all that, and like most skills, writing gets better through set-backs and misses.  Dear God, help me to handle the misses!  🙂

That being said, progress on the story under blog entry, “Ever Story Has a Beginning,” may be slowed during the next few weeks.  I spent time today working on it, but will not yet post the resulting fruit of my labors, as it is a pivotal scene and I want to put more thought into it.  Do check back, however, as sometimes the best way to help out one project, is to work on another.  I just may work a little on Lila’s story as I get my thoughts together for contest.


3 thoughts on “Write Your Heart Out

  1. So proud of you Ang! Can’t wait to see what you write!! What are the guidelines for the contest? Do you have a topic or prompt?

    1. Thank you!!! I’m actually working on it right. this. minute. 🙂 The guidelines are that anything goes — the word limit is 750. They do give a prompt, which is: A woman is given the ability to go back in time and change one event in her life.
      I had one idea last night, and then woke up with a different one this morning! I’m excited about it…write now I’m just letting myself write whatever, and then I’ll revisit every couple of days to hone it. Yay!

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