Hell Hath No Fury… :)

I must admit I was dejected to see that my poor, poor blog gets a meesly one hit a day — count them, one.  Sigh.  I am quite aware that we–as crazy Americans–have many activities and obligations on our plates and keeping track of blogs is an activity not conducive to our lifestyles.  That and you very likely forgot about this blog.

But that is quite alright.  I have resigned myself to the fact that this blog will be primarily for my own enjoyment.  It will be the launching ground for the writing career I hope to have — a sort of practice run, if you will.  It is one thing to have a plethora of Word docs living on my hard drive, but another thing entirely for the contents of those documents to be available on the very public world wide web. 

And I am working on a writing career.  The journey seems painstakenly slow, mostly of my own doing.  Writing scares the dickens out of me about as much as it thrills me.  Conquering fear is no easy quest, and I feel that each time I devote myself to a spell of writing, I am facing a terrible beast.  Thus far the beast has only been able to get a (mostly) harmless swat or two in, but each time I write I wonder if this will be the time I feel the claws.  It is all the more terrifying knowing that you will be reading what I write.

But I am making advances.  Yesterday (my belated Memorial Day as I worked Monday in order to meet several deadlines) was gloriously spent at Barnes&Noble, using a b-day gift card from my bestest friend.  I picked up a novel as well as The Daily Writer (366 meditations to cultivate a productive and meaningful writing life.  I consider this acquisition to be a sign of commitment to my aspiring profession.  For each day of the year is a blurb on the different aspects, ingredients, and challenges of writing, as well as a related task.  For example:  Today was about symbolism, understanding the emotional strength it has for people and how best to depict that.  The task is to write a story or poem that includes a symbolic creature.  The book is very thought-provoking, which is the whole point!  I think I am going to greatly enjoy making it a part of my daily life.

That is all for now I believe.  I am simultaneously working on the story which is, for now,  is entitled “Every Story Has a Beginning.”  Please be sure to check back on that post regularly, as I am always adding to the story.  I hope you are enjoying it, and if not, I am sorry…I am much enjoying writing it!

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