All I Ask of You

Last night, some excerpt of music reminded me of the music of The Phantom of the Opera.  This morning I found myself humming the refrain to what is in my opinion one of the most beautiful pieces of all time:  “All I Ask of You.”  As I was running the lyrics through my head (and through my lips…it’s a very fun piece to sing!), I was struck by how perfectly it describes what God desires our relationship with Him to look like.

One of my favorite lines goes as follows:  “Anywhere you go let me go, too.  Christine, that’s all I ask of you.”  I was thinking if you just replace “Christine” with your own name, it is as if God is singing to you!  Anywhere you go, take Him along.  Another line?  “Love me — that’s all I ask of you.”  That’s it…give Him your love, take Him with you.  He desires close relationship with you, and as you grow more and more intimate, you can’t help but pick up His mannerisms and values.  You become like Him.

Who would have thought a Broadway musical could sum up all of theology.  🙂

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