Graceland…not just for Elvis

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” is all very good, but I say “Absence makes the heart know the absentee’s value.” 

The absence of health makes you realize how you took being well for granted.  The absence of finances amazingly shows you your “true” self — how much security were you placing in your checkbook?

Job of the OT was one of the good ones, the one who even in lack and utter misery put his faith in a good God.  He did not live conditionally, praising God when the dough was rolling in and whining when there wasn’t a penny to his name.  Right now, I could use some of Job’s DNA.  God has in His infinite love for me been highlighting other “gods” in my life, so as to eradicate their influence over me.  When my bills increased but my money supply did not, what was my response?  What did I do?  It was the wrong one, and shamefaced I had to admit that I was placing my security and faith in a cushioned budget and not a God whose riches could purchase the entire world a bazillion times over.  This past week I have been fighting a minor but pesky cold.  It was amusing a la dark comedy to observe the anxious spinning within myself over my reduced productivity.  Again, revelation struck that I was basing my worth/value on my productivity, efficiency, and output versus the inherent value with which God endowed me.

I am encouraged by these findings, as it is freeing and blissfully restful to abide in God’s grace and not my own strict, unforgiving (and honesty, unattainable) requirements.  He gave His grace so that I might walk in it, not dismiss it as a nice concept.  Praise Him!


2 thoughts on “Graceland…not just for Elvis

  1. Funny how grace is more than just a nice word or thought. I like you you said you have to walk in it–implies active participation, as well as a journeying aspect. 🙂 And oh, it is a journey is it not!

    Glad you are able to peek over the day-to-day occurrences of life and see at least a little of what might be going on “behind the scenes,” so to speak. Because there’s always more going on!

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