Rescue me

I love the illustrations God placed in nature.  Have you ever found yourself reading the Bible or noting an occurence in nature and thinking, Wow.  What a coincidence that this perfectly aligns to what God tells us regarding how to live our lives?  And then you realize, oh wait…God kind of designed everything.  🙂  It wasn’t like when Jesus used parables describing how a seed grows or how our body parts are dependent on one another that He thought, Oh goody, how convenient that what I created fits into the lesson I want to teach!

Lately I have been seeing correlations to how God and the church works in an interesting place:  interaction between men and women.  I know I am telling you nothing new.  I believe books have even been written about the parallels between men/women relationships and our relationship with God, and I’ll leave the delineation of the subject to the experts.  However, I do have one observation to share.  God as the Rescuer.  I think it interesting how women need men to rescue them, the whole damsel-in-distress bit.  If I may be so bold to make a generalization, I think women desire to feel wanted, loved, valued.  What better way to satiate than to have a handsome, capable man come to the rescue.  And men?  They need to be needed. Something in them makes them want to protect and provide.

Isn’t this how God interacts with us?  He didn’t just rescue us quietly while we were sleeping.  No, it was a public affair recorded in a book for all to read and know.  We are aware of our salvation and from what we were saved.  God wants us to know Him as our Saviour, because knowing Him as our Saviour means knowing His crazy love for us.  The Bible and His daily encounters with us are a giant love letter.  He is our shining white knight, the one we long for to remind us of our value.

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