I’ve never

Passion fruit.  American dream.  Dream big.  All such prominent buzz words in our culture, the culture of go-getters.  I’ve always been a dreamer.  To this day, daydreaming is still one of my favorite hobbies.  The wonderful thing about dreaming is that you accomplish all sorts of things without the possibility of making mistakes. 

Sometime in the not so distant past, however, I lost my planned, directed, ambition-driven desires and dreams for the future.  If asked, I would have to truthfully say that I no longer have a clue about what I want to accomplish in my life.  For an agenda-toting control freak, that is a terrifying spot to find oneself.  Yet all hope it not lost (praise God).  I was able to conjure up some sort of raison d’etre —  a list of “must do” activities.  While the format and idea may perhaps be equivalent to the “What I Want to Be When I Grow Up” essays you wrote in elementary school, it has nevertheless fulfilled its purpose in exciting me about tangible goals.  If you feel so inclined, find some–but by no means all–of my dreams below.

1)  Finally learn to play the drums.  This will have to wait until I have the money for lessons/drum set AND no longer live in a studio.  Still, I’m pretty pumped just thinking about it!

2)  Write a novel.  Shoot, no need to be conservative — write several novels!

3)  Take up dancing again.  The ones I’ve already studied and some new ones.  I can’t WAIT to learn the tango and mambo!

4)  Visit the Louvre and stay until I see every piece I love.

5)  Visit the Library of Congress.

6)  Write an article for a major fashion magazine.

7)  Attend a major sporting event for a sport I love:  golf, NASCAR, tennis, ice skating, gymnastics, or the Olympics.

8)  Go on a cruise.

9)  Spend an entire day at a spa.

10)  Go on some sort of missions trip.

11)  Go sailing.

12)  Host a big shin-dig.

13)  Attend some sort of event where I have to wear an Academy Awards worthy gown.  And have my hair and make-up professionally done for it!

14)  Take a road trip across the nation.

15)  Preach or share my testimony with a group of people.

16)  Mentor someone.

17)  Design jewelry. 

18)  Rock out on stage.

19)  Learn how to do a back-flip.  More specifically, a back layout.

20)  Be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune.

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