I do not begrudge this loss of awareness

Sheer oblivion

That’s all

Must be


Tally-ho, onward she marches

As relentless as the spin of earth about the sun

She is the spinning earth

She is the growth of vegetation

She is the deepening creases in my cheeks


Terrors injects every moment passed

The minute swells with the fat of missed opportunities,

Compounded by fear of its potential

Bursts, then gone

Nothing accomplished

An empty carcass torn open by its own contents



If only possible

Too many swollen minutes

Spread the wealth!

Alleviate the pressure



Only moment without consciousness

Pull and thrust of time diminished

The necessary keeps on

Takes only a



So.  Much.  Time.  Left.

Try not to panic

Spread the wealth

There’s enough to go around.


~A. Bees 2-10-09

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