Pilgrim’s Progress

How funny our idea of progress sometimes.  We run around in circles and think that, “Eureka!  At last I’ve found the answer!”  We have scaled the moutain and claimed it in the name of Improvement.

Yet you are still existing only within the confines of your own head.  You are still trapped beneath this albeit gigantic tent of your consciousness, completely oblivious to the ceiling and utter lack of exits.  A pity, really.  And the only time I–for I have experienced this far too many times to count–notice this confinement is when someone rudely manages to crack through the exterior.  It is then that I see all the ahrd efforts and furious self-analysis, the “mountains” I had scaled revealed to be but sand dunes easily altered by the wind.  Grr.  It’s a relief, though, to know that I don’t have to exhaust myself with these frivolous activities.  If only I am patient and open, the greater truth outside of my miniscule dome will be revealed.  Praise God!

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