Ours is not to question why

Darn, I do so hate duty sometimes.  I am a slave to its beckoning call, as unable to resist as a moth to a hot lamp.  Ahem…I feel downright guilty when I make the decision to forgo my agenda–the “law,” dontchaknow–in favor of resting my exhausted body/mind.  Like this week, for instance.  I have been working my tail end off and staying late at Nordstrom, and then yesterday morning I executed Operation Dental Repair, with the resulting fallout of jaw and head discomfort.  So I skipped small group and the subsequent traffic jam I must fight every Wednesday night to ease my throbbing head.  And tonight?  After arriving home late from work and thoroughly bushed, decided that I would like nothing less than to fight traffic to attend a church service.  Sorry, God.  Fortunately for me, God is not impressed with the frequency of my church visits, nor the stamina I muster to make it there.  He simply wants relationship.  I might as well sign up as a Pharisee if I think that in order to be a good Christian, I must adhere to a list of self-imposed obligations.  Last time I checked, the Pharisees weren’t exactly Jesus’ favorite people.  And think of the oft quoted story of Mary and Martha.  Martha(a.k.a., me.  Pretty sure I’m her reincarnation :)) was flustered and stressed over her housework and preparing the perfect meal.  She saw Jesus’ visit as an occasion demanding a certain level of performance.  Mary, however, saw Jesus’ visit as an event in itself, a treat to be treasured.  She plopped down at His feet and spent time with Him.  Every now and again, the Holy Spirit reminds me of this story.  Mary chose the best option –  I frequently find myself in the kitchen with Martha.  Mind you, this does not mean that I have become wishy-washy with the “duties” of attending church, reading my Bible, and praying.  On the contrary, these things become more enjoyable as I see them as spending time with God, versus a task to be crossed off my to-do list.

So revolutionary!  I continue to be stunned by its simplicity and sweet, sweet kindness.  A God who could make me do anything He wishes, only wants of me my presence.  He just wants me to share with Him, as I am doing with you now.  That’s a God I with whom I can spend time.  🙂

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