An Entry is Nothing Without a Title

An unexpected but profoundly beneficial bi-product of this blog is that it inspires me to write more.  It was the catalyst, the jump start for making  reality what I had previously only talked about.  The first step in the road to being the next Shakespeare (an utter joke…can Shakespeare be matched?  I mean, really.  🙂 ) is this blog.  Once that step was made, a whole flood gate burst open and here I am, world!  Hehehe.

And yet…you may notice that I have neglected posting for a short time.  That is, you will have noticed if you are an ardent fan as I expect–no, command–you all to be.  🙂  Things exploded at work.  Thankfully, not literally exploded, as I would then be unemployed.  Nah, I was just insanely busy and then there was this whole processing business, and self-doubt, and something about responsibilities when I got home from work…basically, there was neither time nor energy these past few weeks for writing.  Nevertheless, thoughts have been meandering throughout my head, filed away for a moment such as now.

I’ve even begun work on a story.  A realstory, not just the random-weird thoughts you’ve found here to date.  On a rather unfortunate day, the one fortunate occurrence was that I had a slice of time at Starbie’s to outline and brainstorm a story.  I have from the skeletal framework already begun to add flesh and sinew, spinning a yarn that I hope will be worth reading.  I have absolutely no idea when it will be finished, but the plan is to share with you upon completion.  Or maybe you’ll see it on New York Times Bestseller list.  🙂

On the aforementioned unfortunate day, I was taking the bus in to work and found myself thinking on the word, “relax.”  Now, the following could simply be the product of a tired mind, but bear with me.  Or don’t.  I am not actively making you read this blog.  🙂  So, I thought it interesting–and profound  [Whoa…deja vous.  Didn’t I open this entry with a similar line?  What bad writing!]–that the word is a verb.  Doesn’t relaxation mean you don’t do anything?  Ah, but I think for many Americans (including myself), relaxing is harder than working.  To relax you have to force your muscles to slacken, tell your jaw to loosen its death grip on your teeth, will yourself to put down the Blackberry.  I’m not finished.  The real kicker for me was that really, “relaxation” is a contradiction.  It involves effort, concentration, and work, the antithesis of what we typically classify as “relaxing”.  You, perhaps, are very depressed after reading the last few sentences.  But for me and all closet workaholics, this is good news!  For those of us who consider laziness (a.k.a. relaxation) to be at least a felony if not an outright cardinal sin, elation is the natural response.  You mean we’re still being kinetically productive while relaxing?  Yes!  dcTalk says love is a verb, and guess what, so is relaxation.  Relaxing, as I found on this oh-so enlightening bus ride, is beneficial to our entire being.  It is productive in that it re-fuels us to go out and be what we would consider truly productive–i.e., jobs, bills, duties.  Did I lose you?  I’m not quite sure if I know where I’m at after all that.  🙂  Relaxation equals gas to the tanks of us, the vessels of productivity.  Without rejuvenation, we’re just a pile of shiny metal taking up real estate.

Ok, revelation of relaxation’s true purpose, check!  Implementation is next….oh, boy.

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